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The user weight capacity is 450 lbs

The user height limit for this equipment is 6'5"

It's about 45 1/4" long and 16 1/2" wide for the top and the bottom of the glideboard (about 15 3/8" wide for the center part of the glideboard).

Go to the website and click on "Register Warranty"

Before your every workout, please spend a minute or two to wipe off dust on the contacting surface of the frame (both top and lower) with a rag and windex/water. You can easily remove the glide board to clear the lower frame and check/clean the surface of rollers as dust builds up even within a day or two without movement. 

Yes, GR8FLEX Total Performance Gym is foldable

Folded dimensions : 51" x 18" x 7" (length x width x height)

Unfolded dimensions : 93" x 18" x 50" (length x width x height)

Unit weighs around ~ 90 pounds 

Videos and pictures are to be updated soon on the website at

There's no place to insert the weight bar in order to provide less damage to the frame and the wheels underneath the glideboard. 

The resistance bands can provide up to 50 lbs, which is equivalent to over 100 lbs. of weight if you apply on the glideboard. 

You may purchase the optional set of up to 90 lbs (2 x 20 lbs and 2 x 25 lbs) on Amazon (Click here to buy)

No, there is an underlayer which protects the glide board from any moisture absorption into the board.  It is a suggested practice to wipe down the glide board regularly during your workout to get the most out of your GR8FLEX. 

Currently only the Military model comes in the Canvas material which provides enhanced grip during workouts. Both bench material are equally comfortable and durable.

Only the Military model comes in the canvas material which provides enhanced grip during workouts. All gliding board material are equally comfortable and durable. They are all waterproof.

We recommend any individuals 16yrs and younger, as well as Seniors be under the supervision of an competent adult or certified professional during usage.

Firstly, make sure to register your Lifetime Warranty on our website within 14 days of your purchase to activate your Warranty.  To submit a claim, simply go to our website and look for the Lifetime Warranty Claim page and submit the stated information to   You can also reach us at 1.800.478.3539, if you have any questions.

The GR8FLEX comes with wheels at the bottom of the base unit for easy maneuverability when folded and is easy to store.