How to Choose a Gym Mat

How to Choose a Gym Mat

Whether to aid in the execution of your exercises or to simply have a suitable platform to perform yoga and stretching, choosing a gym mat is an important decision. 

When choosing a gym mat that fits your needs the best, three primary characteristics should be considered before purchasing. Those three characteristics are comfort, size, and durability. Of course, price is not to be forgotten as well, however, identifying your budget is up to you! 

While you consider these three characteristics, it will also help to know the primary purpose or intent of the gym mat. In other words, what types of activities do you plan to perform on it and at what frequencies?



The last thing you want when exercising is the distraction of discomfort, especially if you plan to train on your gym mat regularly. Comfortability typically derives from both the level of thickness and the material its made of.



 Related to comfort, the durability of your gym mat is also important, especially when you consider the amount you plan to use it. You dont want to invest in a gym mat that will only deteriorate after a short time, ultimately requiring the reinvestment of another gym mat.



When choosing a gym mat, ensure that the size when fully rolled out will fit your body size comfortably. Choosing a size will also largely depend on what activities you intend to use it for.


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